Elevate sports


Elevate is not about defying gravity. It is about giving a sportsperson the shoulder to see a higher vision. A magical vision that lasts only a nano second, in which the successful player crucially sees himself executing a heroic dribble or completing an impossible shot, soon before he actually ends up doing it.


Sports is no longer about participating, it is about winning. And the reason why the winner takes it all is because he gives it all. Not on a particular day, but every time, on call, whenever there’s stimulus to beat the expectations before beating an opponent. Of course, the process of identifying potential champions, giving them a platform to perform and guiding them to develop the right skills, is a far more elaborate process.


Elevate provides sports promotion and management services for the entire sector, spanning across the globe and every sport. So that everyone, starting from young sports enthusiasts with a dream in their eyes to brand managers with a target in their mind, can benefit from a professional approach to sports.


Elevate provides qualified services in the following niche areas:

  • Event planning, management & execution
  • Talent scouting (currently basketball, but soon to encompass other sports)
  • Television and web-enabled sports production
  • Training in a state-of-the-art sports academy




Elevate is here to uplift your status as athlete or sponsor of excellence. We wish to become India’s leading sports promotion company by nurturing a habit of winning onfield for the sportsperson and off-field for the responsible and conscious corporate citizen.