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An artist is nothing without the stage to perform on. The first area of focus for Elevate is to provide quality planning, management and execution of events across all arenas of sports. The team at Elevate already has significant experience in the staging of basketball events, and initially, we will continue to bring in value to the game by focussing on and managing tournaments like the prestigious Ramu Memorial Basketball Tournament and the Savio Cup. Both these events are conducted at an all-India level.


Elevate is also in the process of connecting with various state basketball associations and conducting their events within the respective states. This could serve as an ideal platform for brands looking to improve their prospects at a local level in select key markets.


Of course, brands weary of the heavy clutter in cricket sponsorship can soon benefit more by fishing in another blue ocean. Elevate is currently in advanced level of talks with the NBA (National Basketball Association) to vie for their projects in India and conduct community leagues across the country. Those interested in benefitting from this unique association can write to us directly for more details.


In the months to come, Elevate shall expand its horizon to include many other sports and events in the country. This will include a unique physical fitness competition and many other niche events with a high degree of engagement and following.




Every winning strategy starts with a first move. Elevate’s first move is in the area of basketball, a unique sport which maintains the fine balance between great teamwork and individual brilliance.


With the advent of NBA and IMG Reliance, basketball is increasingly growing as a preferred sport. The mandate that the sport has set for itself is to become the No. 2 sport in the country within the next 5 years. All though a lot of development has taken place with respect to infrastructure and player development, India still cannot boast of a single star sought after by the elite clubs of the world. However, this is certainly not because of lack of talent in India.


There are several young and dynamic players here who have the aspiration and potential to play in professional leagues across the globe. We also have a bunch of upcoming talent waiting for the right opportunities and scholarships to play and study abroad. Elevate has identified this untapped market and is looking to reveal to the world the first set of Indian players worthy of becoming stars in international professional and college leagues.


Elevate plans to market players from India and present them to team owners and college athletic departments primarily in the USA. Elevate will work closely with these players to create a player promotion kit which would contain a video of their game and highlight their talent through a presentation and also publish them on our website so that scouts could view their profile and select them for try-outs. The eventual aim is to place the players in the NBA and the NCAA Division One Teams, and other leagues within Europe and Asia that offer great opportunity to market Indian talent.


Elevate shall eventually sign an agreement with these talents and act as their sole agent to further their careers in various professional leagues. Brands willing to grow with these potential stars and, indeed, help become part of the process of nurturing heroes who can stand tall among global giants, should start their association with our talent scouting process right away.




In India, some people play - but everyone watches sport. Today, most people have an opinion on players, techniques and a game they may have rarely played. Television and the internet have a high level of penetration within the country and by democratically providing everyone an opportunity to follow the sport of their choice, we can only popularise it.


Elevate would like to harness the potential of new and emerging media by broadcasting or hosting on the web the relatively lesser known sporting events. Elevate wishes to tie-up with the organisers of such events as well as media partners and help grow sports more systematically by broadcasting them on television and the internet. This will end up giving important visibility to emerging champions from India in sports Indians have so far not had a chance to follow.




Elevate is in the process of partnering one of the best known international basketball academies to create a world-class training system within India.


Unlike the regular basketball academy, the aim will be to identify talent from different parts of the city and provide them a structured training program with special emphasis on fitness tips, diet and conditioning. Apart from this, core skills and techniques will be imparted by a professional coach. In fact, the academy will also provide quality training programs for coaches so that they can share a uniform training method.


Once fully operational, Elevate will take its advanced methods to schools across the country and establish academies there. In the long run, this would serve as a model to groom talent at the grassroots level and prepare youngsters for the proposed pro league.


Of course, identifying the right talent has little to do with the player’s backgrounds. In our endeavour to give back to society, Elevate plans to reserve at least 10% of its student admissions for the less privileged who are rich in talent.